Welcome to the Elpin Systems Product Pages!

VGA Development

Elpin Systems' VGA Development tools have been used by most major graphics manufacturers to verify and to develop their own legacy hardware. These products are still available:

We are sorry, but due to contractual obligations, the VGA RTL model is no longer available.


Several of Elpin Systems' older games are still available on an "AS IS" basis:

Custom Software / Technical Writing (Work for Hire)

We still provide consultation, contract programming, and technical writing services:

Looking for 3Dfx Drivers?

Elpin Systems provided the VGA BIOS for many graphics chip manufacturers, including 3Dfx. Unfortunately, 3Dfx has gone out of business with most of their assets being purchased by NVIDIA. If you need an update, check with them. They should have what you need!

Past, Present, and Future

The Elpin Systems product line is now owned and supported by the good people at SillyTutu.com, Inc. ("Tu-tu" is Mandarin Chinese for "bunny"). They are obligated and committed to supporting Elpin Systems' clients who have purchased VGA development tools in the past, or are interested in purchasing them in the future.